Monday, July 13, 2009

Bitches Bash Pictures....Finally

I know I said I'd post pictures "tomorrow" like 8 years ago, but I didn't. Yeah.

So here's a few. I have asstons. If you wanna see 'em all, they're on our myspace page. I guess our stalkers already know that though! We love you stalkers, we really proves to us just how completely awesome we are. I don't believe anyone can achieve their full potential of complete AWESOMENESS, without having a stalker or two. Now, that's all the attention you will get from us....ever.

SO, without further adieau here are the pics:

Supportin' the Bitches on roller skates!

What a great crowd we had for our first show! Hope next year will bring out even more cars and bikes!

Uncle Daddy & the Kissin' Cousins were as kick as as always!

Harley Bitch (as I affectionately like to call her) on the left owned the drunk hoola hoopin' game! I mean OWNED!

People kept askin' Adam if he was wearin' nude colored he cut em' off. That's part of them still hangin' from his pants...the rest are in the chair.

Us Bitches!

Once the sun went down, it was time to head inside for the bands.....

The Intoxicated

Cotton Donkey

The Deadtowners

About to raffle off the Big Wheel Bitches Survival Bag

Hit & Run

The crowd waitin' for raffles

The Flat Tires

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