Friday, December 4, 2009

Winter Swap Meet at Jailhouse Choppers!

Don't you hate it when it gets all cold outside and all the swap meets seem to disappear? Yeah well, Jailhouse Choppers is steppin' up to satisfy your need for a winter swap meet.....this Sunday, December 6th from 1o a.m. to 5 p.m.

Come out and buy some stuff for your winter project (whether it be a bike or a hot rod) and meet Pauly and Trafton and the rest of the Jailhouse team.....




You got questions, they got answers........
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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Jailhouse Choppers Free Beer Bike Night!

No, you didn't read it wrong. It says free beer bike night.....and free FOOD courtesy of Dog of Two Dogs Fuckin'. Yeah, weird name but whatever. This dood can cook like nobody's freakin' business. AND by free food, I ain't just talkin' wieners and pretzels either. I'm talkin' about some damn fine eatin' like grilled chicken.....and stew....and beans. Oh sweet jesus, my mouth's all waterin'.

The night starts at 7:30 and runs 'til everybody leaves. They have prize raffles, a 50/50 raffle and you can also buy a $10 ticket (or 5 for $35) for the chance to win a 1973 Triumph Board Tracker which'll be raffled off sometime this month.

Jailhouse and Twisted Throttle Choppers alternate every other Wednesday which shop's gonna have bike night, so call the shop ahead of time to make sure which it is. They're number's 770-978-8977.

The music's good, the food is excellent and the company's even better. So, call your friends, get on your bikes and head down to see Pauly and Trafton at Jailhouse TONIGHT bitches!

3685 Hewatt Court, Suite I, Snellville 30039

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Monday, September 14, 2009

The Bitches Are Back in Action!

I know y'all haven't heard much from us lately, but once again, the bitches are it! We'll be at Granite Mountain Harley Davidson in Conyers, GA on September 19th for Ray Dog's Rockabilly Party and Bike Show. We'll be sellin' our shirts, stickers and buttons and pretty much providin' y'all with some pure fuckin' awesomeness to hang out with!

Other special guests include Jailhouse Choppers, Haulin' Ass Hotrods, Cretin Car Club and Ink and Dagger Tattoo.

This promises to be helluva party! The Psycho Devilles will rock our asses off and we'll be treated to some lawnmower racin' by the Southern Outlaws.

The party's from 9 - 7 and the music and bike registration start at noon. They even plan on having a special class for kid's rides so bring your kids and they're bikes, scooters or BIG WHEELS!!!! OWWWW!!!!

See you bitches there!
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Monday, July 13, 2009

Bitches Bash Pictures....Finally

I know I said I'd post pictures "tomorrow" like 8 years ago, but I didn't. Yeah.

So here's a few. I have asstons. If you wanna see 'em all, they're on our myspace page. I guess our stalkers already know that though! We love you stalkers, we really proves to us just how completely awesome we are. I don't believe anyone can achieve their full potential of complete AWESOMENESS, without having a stalker or two. Now, that's all the attention you will get from us....ever.

SO, without further adieau here are the pics:

Supportin' the Bitches on roller skates!

What a great crowd we had for our first show! Hope next year will bring out even more cars and bikes!

Uncle Daddy & the Kissin' Cousins were as kick as as always!

Harley Bitch (as I affectionately like to call her) on the left owned the drunk hoola hoopin' game! I mean OWNED!

People kept askin' Adam if he was wearin' nude colored he cut em' off. That's part of them still hangin' from his pants...the rest are in the chair.

Us Bitches!

Once the sun went down, it was time to head inside for the bands.....

The Intoxicated

Cotton Donkey

The Deadtowners

About to raffle off the Big Wheel Bitches Survival Bag

Hit & Run

The crowd waitin' for raffles

The Flat Tires

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It's Been A Long Time Comin'

As I sit down to do this, it still feels......awkward.

For weeks after the Bitches Bash I had people asking how it went.....mostly out of town people that couldn't make it and hadn't already heard. It was a question I wanted to avoid. How do you answer that? "I don't wanna talk about it" or "It fuckin' sucked. We lost a big piece of our hearts that night"......The thing is, the show itself didn't suck. It was freakin' awesome. All the girls really pulled through to make the show amazing. We all worked our asses off and I think it really showed. HOWEVER, we did lose someone very important to all of us and it's all many of us think about when we think about the Bash.

Last night, I was transferring pictures from one computer to another and decided to look back through the photos from the Bash. We really did have a good time! I figured there's no better time than now to write about it and post some pictures, but I'll do that in a post tomorrow that will be set in a different tone. This one is being written by Debbie Downer, but tomorrow's will be written by....hell I, but regular me, not poopy me.

I'd to thank everyone that came out to support our first show. Hopefully next year we'll have even more cars, bikes and vendors. As of right now, we plan on having a Bitches Bash II, but we'll have to find a place where we're not consider "outsiders".....that just leads to trouble.

I'm still having a hard time separating the fact that we had kick ass show from what ended up happening in the end. Just like so many others I'm still mad as hell and if I sit on it and think about it, I get even madder than hell. There is so much I would like to write here about that night, but it won't accomplish a thing. I will just say that while that crackwhore's in prison I hope she gets shanked from butthole to peehole and they pull her guts out through the hole....and now I will move on.

To end this, I want to say thank you to all the Bitches. You girls are fuckin' awesome and I'm lucky to have you all as friends!

.....stay tuned. I'll post some pictures from the Bitches Bash tomorrow.
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Monday, June 8, 2009

Adam Pearce Benefit Show

AirTran Airways, Home Depot, Lowes, Best Buy, Harley Davidson, Horizon Limited, BB Salon, East Atlanta Tattoo, Memorial Tattoo, Good Clean Fun Tattoo, Jailhouse Choppers, Year One, Mary Kay, US Marines, Fitness 19, Boss Hoss, O'Reilly's, Deaton's Gun Shop, and Gravity Pub....THESE ARE JUST SOME OF THE SPONSORS that have donated items for the......

JUNE 13, 2009
1:00 pm to 8:00 pm
There will be live music, artwork for sale, door prizes, multiple raffles each hour on the hour!!AND our Classic Car & Motorcycle Show in the huge Parking Lot!!

Bands include:

We'll also have T-shirts, patches, stickers, buttons, and oil rags for sale.....ALL ROCEEDS will go to the family of Adam Pearce to help pay some the funeral costs and into a PitBull Rescue Fund set up in Adam's honor.

Please tell everyone you know about this show!!! Let's show Adam's family just how much he meant to all of us! Even if you didn't know Adam, come out and have a good time for a worthy cause! If you got a myspace or facebook page, please post bulletins!

Hope to see y'all there!
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Monday, June 1, 2009

The Dangits!

Check out The Dangits! Recorded May 31st, 2009 Caves Lounges in Arlington, Texas.
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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Adam Pearce Benefit Show


June 13th ~ 1pm to 8pm
540 Athens HighwayLoganville, GA, 30052
Click on Image for Details

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Monday, May 25, 2009

Friday May 29th Coppell Texas

This Friday come out and see the return of CHAPSTIK to Texas! They will be playing live with Texas' own HIT & RUN and THE DANGITS at the Lone Star Country Club, 1849 E. Beltline Rd, Coppell, TX.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Adam Pearce

The AJC posted an awesome article about Adam and Saturday night. Somebody finally got it right....mostly. Like everything else, it'll make you cry.

His Obituary has also been posted. There are a lot of great positive messages that have been left in the Guestbook.

A friend of mine sent me this picture from Saturday night. There's a lot I'd like to say about it, but it just ain't comin' out yet.
The viewing will be at Wages Funeral home on 78, Tuesday from 4pm-8pm.
The Funeral will be Wednesday at 11am at Wages with burial @ 5pm in Leesburg, Ga.

Wages Funeral Home, 3705 Highway 78 W, Snellville, GA 30039, (770) 979-3200
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Sunday, May 17, 2009

We Love You and Miss You Already Adam

You have no idea....maybe you do.

Viewing will be Tuesday from 4pm-8pm at Wages Funeral Home, 3705 Highway 78m, Snellville, GA 30039, (770) 979-3200

Funeral will be Wednesday at 11am at Wages with burial @ 5pm in Leesburg, Ga.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009


May 16th - 3 p.m.
The Last Great Watering Hole, Tucker, Georgia
You've all been waiting for it and the time is almost here! The Bitches Bash is gonna be one helluva show that you are not gonna want to miss! Word on the street is that this show in gonna be huge and freakin' insane!!! It was our goal to take today's car show and crank it up a notch or two and I believe we have successfully done that! We'll have live bands, a classic car and bike show, raffles, a hula hoop contest and lord knows what else!

Uncle Daddy and the Kissin' Cousins will start us off by playing outside. Entertaining doesn't even begin to describe these guys who's instruments include coffee cans, a sheet of metal, a wash bin geetar, a banjo and harmonica! These guys are a sight to see fer sure!

At 8 o'clock you better be ready for some serious badassness from bands that include the North Carolina band Flat Tires, the Texas band Hit & Run, Atlanta's very own Deadtowners, Cotton Donkey Social Club (featuring members from Rocket 350 and Kings of Nuthin') and The Intoxicated.

Admission is $10 if you drive/ride yer classic car or bike.......
$12 if you don't

The Last Great Watering Hole is promises to be a great place for our show with plenty of room for all the cars and bikes and plenty of beers, booze and food so there's no need to bring your own.

Guarantee this will be a party you won't forget! Bitches, bands, beers, booze, bikes and cars. What more could you ask for?

For Mapquest directions to the Last Great Watering Hole their address is:

4341 Hugh Howell Rd., Tucker, GA 30084

If you are coming from out of town, click here for hotels nearby!

Click here to check out what you could win in our raffle!

Rain or shine, we hope to see all y'all there!!!!
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Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Murder Junkies Sunday in Dallas, Texas

The Murder Junkies are coming back to Dallas!
Sunday May 3, 2009. Also playing will be HIT & RUN, Hammercocks and The Dangits. Doors at 8pm at Reno's Chop Shop in Dallas. Don't miss this! The last Murder Junkies show was a blast!
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Monday, April 27, 2009


Bitches Bash is creepin' up on us! It's just three weeks away now and from what we're hearin' everybody and their mama's and daddy's and cousins and their cousin's friends and their friends sisters and brothers are coming! You get what I'm sayin'!

On top of the six kick ass bands we have playing and the car show, we're also gonna be rafflin' off some pretty awesome stuff!

Check out what you could win!
Shirts and gift certificates from Liberty Tattoo in Atlanta.

Gift Certificates from Rutabaga Salon to get your hairs did by John.

Shirts and a couple gift certificates for oil changes from Jailhouse Choppers.
Gift certificates from Holy Taco Gift certificates from the Highlander.

Gift certificates from Magick Dragon Tattoo 2.

PBR swag.

Jailhouse will also be sellin' raffle tickets for this bike for only $10 (to be reaffled off in September)!

And last but not least, we'll auction off this kick ass hand bag by Emotional Baggage that'll be full of all kindsa goodies us bitches can't live without! It's the Big Wheel Bitches Survival Bag!
Check out the furry leopard print lining!

There's no tellin' what else we'll come up with between now and then! You can bet yer ass it'll all be freakin' awesome though!

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

You Think You Got A Ride Worthy Enough?

A photographer for Rebel Rodz magazine will be at the Bitches Bash lookin' to find a feature!

If you have a vehicle that's really cool or off the wall, you can send info directly to the photographer through his myspace giving him heads up that you will be at our show and are interested.

Hope to see all y'all there!
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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Our Biggest Fan

Everytime I set my jacket down, he picks it up and puts it on. The jacket don't make the bitch and I just can't get him to understand that.

In all seriousness, if it weren't for this dood, we wouldn't exist. Thanks Adam for inspiring me to be awesomer than you, and no, you still can't be one of us.

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Monday, April 6, 2009

Bitches, Bands, Beers, Booze, Bikes and Cars!

What more could you ask for?!? Don't be the only one not there!
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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bitches Be Famous Yo!

April's issue of Prick Magazine is out and you can see the Big Wheel Bitches under "Prick Picks" on page 29! You can check out the online version here or pick up a copy at most any tattoo shop.

You can also see the ad for our show coming up on May 16th on page 27!

Bitches totally be famous yo!

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Dang! Who Did the Art on Y'alls Flyer?

That'd be Nik Scarlett, a fiend for BIG hair, monsters, and the offbeat!

Armed with a BFA in Illustration from Moore College of Art and Design, Nik
Scarlett is an illustrator, graphic artist, and all around Bad Ass. With a
penchant for drawing various skulls, tough dudes and big haired ladies (with
even bigger chests), her work is a reflection of the rockabilly and kustom
kulture lifestyle. While her typical subject matter may be unconventional,
she successfully combines technical skill with calculated exaggeration to
create her own unique brand of illustration.
She's done work for Hank III, Revrened Horton Heat, Scott H. Biram, Nekromantix, the Heavy Rebel Weekender, and Sourpuss Clothing! Her artwork has also been featured in various publications including Ol' Skool Rodz, Rockabilly Magazine, and Deadbeat Magazine.
You can see her work on her website or etsy (which I how I came across the Let 'er R.I.P print that's on our flyer!).

You MUST check out her work! 100% PURE Freakin' Awesomeness!
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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It MUST Be Official Now!

'Cuz we've gotten out first flyer all done up! Brandy did a kick ass job!!!

This is the version goin in Prick......Bigger color version coming soon! So hold out on reposting!
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Monday, March 16, 2009

Bitches Be Famous Yo!

Not only are we awesome, several of us are famous. I mean, we're all famous in our own right, but Jessica H. is like totally famous!

Check out this month's issue of Car Kulture DeLuxe where Jessica graces it's pages with all of her awesomeness.
Viva Van Story, as always, took some really amazing shots of Jessica, but to see them all, you'll have to high tail yer hiney to the store and pick up your own copy of the mag!
Just so y'all know, I taught her everything she knows. All those sexy poses and come hither looks, yep, those came from me.....and sometimes they use my body as a stunt double. Mmmhhhmmmm.
OK, so that's totally a lie, but whatever.
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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Tonight in Dallas HIT & RUN, Hammercocks, Baptism by 80 Proof!

Tonight is going to be a GREAT one! HIT & RUN is playing Dallas for the first time since June of 2008, with none other than the Hammercocks! I'm pretty excited about that since I have never been able to see them. Anyhow, here is the info and Badass Flyer for the Badass Show:
  • Date: Saturday, March 14th 2009
  • City: HIT & RUN in Dallas, TX
  • Venue: Reno’s
  • Country: US
  • HIT & RUN, Hammercocks, Baptism by 80 Proof, TBA

If you need a flyer or any web graphics done check out:
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Thursday, March 12, 2009

It's Friday the 13th ALL OVER AGAIN!

Can you believe it's Friday the 13th AGAIN!?! The unluckiest of all days is here again and just like the last one, you can turn it around and make it your LUCKIEST day!

13 Roses Tattoo in East Atlanta is having their $13 tattoos (plus $7 tip) on Friday the 13th! Sweet Jesus! As if the last one...just last month wasn't awesome enough!

You can bet your sweet ass some of us bitches are headin' down to do it all over again. Last month, we had more fun than a barrel of nekkid monkeys!

Make a night of it like we did! Head down, put your name on the list, go chill at the Flat Iron while you wait and before you know it, it's your turn! When your done you can hit up all the bars!

As always, there are 13 designs to choose from, tattoos are $13 (plus a lucky $7 tip!) so if you got a $20, you got a tattoo, and it's first come first serve.

Doors open at 11 am. You got questions, you can call the shop at 404-880-0713 and ask for Roy. No, I'm kidding. There's no one there named Roy....or is there???? I bet if you go down there, you can find out for yourself!
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Friday, March 6, 2009

The Big Wheel Bitches....history in the making....

As written by Jessica in GA

Big Wheel Bitches started as a joke really. It all began when my husband was asked to join a motorcycle/car club and they were so serious about it. Several of us met up in a back room at a bar and the official invitation was made. I was thinkin' come on now....aren't y'all gonna jump him in, make him go through some sort of initiation, sex him in...SOMETHING? You see, I had been a part of this one group once and all that was quite the norm, and on a regular basis really so I was expecting something SPECTACULAR. Instead, he got a shirt and some rules.

Anyhow, there was this big meeting and stuff and then nothin'. No secret hand shake, no code words, nothin' (well, there was the shirt and the rules). Anyhow, me being the big mouthed bitch that I am spoke up and said "That's it? Really? Well, when all you boys are broke down on the side of the road on your motorbikes, me and my gang of bitches are gonna go flyin' past you on our Big Wheels. Yes sir, our BIG WHEELS."

Really, I was just being a drunk pain in the ass for the sake of being a drunk pain in the ass...but anyhow me and the two other girls that were there decided we really should have our very own gang and we'd call it the Big Wheel Bitches.

Right away, we had a secret knock. Take that bitches, A SECRET KNOCK! Then we had our very own hand sign. Yep, a knock AND a hand sign.

We were a strong group of three. Then it turns out that one of the original bitches faked her graduation papers from the School of Awesomeness and wasn't so awesome after all. Soon after, the other original member started going to the School of Crazy and had some shit to prove to them so she had to take a leave of absence from the Big Wheel Bitches.

I was the only one left for a while. It was just me, so I decided I was gonna take the Bitches nationwide and asked my b-fri in Texas if she wanted to be one and she got a Texas group goin'. Then I figured I'd ask all the ladies I hang out with at shows and car shows if they wanted in. How could they not? I had a secret knock fer cryin' out loud!

Slowly but surely the Big Wheel Bitches has grown into a pretty kick ass group of girls. Some of us are a little crazy, some are crazier than others, some are married, some are mothers, some are single and lookin', some are mean as hell, and some are sweet as hell, but ALL OF US ARE TOTALLY FUCKIN' AWESOME!

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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bitches Bash 2009

May 16th - 3 p.m.
The Last Great Watering Hole, Tucker, Georgia
The Big Wheel Bitches are putting on our first show and can promise it'll rock yer freakin' face off! It's our goal to take today's car show and crank it up a notch or two!

We'll have live bands, a classic car and bike show, raffles (50/50, certificates from our awesome sponsors that you can see below!, and PBR swag) and lord knows what else!
Bands include the North Carolina band Flat Tires, the Texas band Hit & Run, Altanta's very own Deadtowners, Cotton Donkey Social Club (featuring members from Rocket 350 and Kings of Nuthin') and Uncle Daddy & the Kissin' Cousins (who will be our outside entertainment) and The Intoxicated.
Admission is $10 if you bring yer classic car or bike.......$12 if you don't.
The Last Great Watering Hole is promises to be a great place for our show with plenty of room for all the cars and bikes and plenty of beers, booze and food so there's no need to bring your own.
Guarantee this will be a party you won't forget! Bitches, bands, beers, booze, bikes and cars. What more could you ask for?

Copy the code to post to your site!

Proudly sponsored by: Prick Magazine, PBR, Liberty Tattoo, Rutabaga, Jailhouse Choppers and Holy Taco

Last Great Watering Hole
4341 Hugh Howell Rd., Tucker, GA 30084
Click here for hotels near by!
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  © 2009 Big Wheel Bitches

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