Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bitches Be Famous Yo....Even If It Is For Bein' Trashy and Frightening

That's right bitches! Our very own Misti from Texas was featured on TLC's What Not to Wear. She's so famous you can even buy that shit at Target!

What Not To Wear Season 2 - Episode 15: Misti

Evidently, her punk rockerness scared most of her friends and family so they called up Stacy and Clinton to transform her into something that was a little more.....fancy. When they first met they were all...." are like totally goth, punk and oh my gah. It's like...totally ghastly. Like no wonder your family called OH MAH GAH!"

No, I'm kidding. I watch this shit all the time. I'll admit it.....I'm just jealous. Dang you Misti.......I WANT $5,000!!!!

Misti Mazey got into the punk and goth look when she was a rebellious 15 year old, and she's never got out of it. Misti thinks her bright red lipstick, pale face and dyed black hair look cool - her friends and family think she looks "trashy and frightening". And at just 5 feet two inches tall, Misti is obsessed by one pair of ugly platform soled shoes. She wears them with everything even though they're falling apart

Stacy London and Clinton Kelly need to get Misti out of her too tight clothes, the 'Frankenstein shoes,' and persuade her that by changing her style, she can make herself appear taller and more approachable.

Dude, seriously....Somebody please call What Not to Wear for me! $5,000!!!!! They gave her FIVE GRAND! Look, she's holding TWO bags! One's leopard and one's lime green!!!

By the end of the show, they had Misti lookin' al kindsa fancy schmancy.

I'm sure when Misti walked away from New York with her new wardrobe, they never thought this would happen.....Look Clinton and Stacy...y'all told her that her punk, goth, rockabilliness was no bueno....just look at what you did........

You're a total freakin' rockstar Misti and we love you!
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Saturday, January 24, 2009

This Weekend in ATL Bitches

The Deadtowners, Death of Kings (f/k/a Das Maniacs), Bigfoot and Thunder Bolt 5

Word is it may sell out so plan on bein' there by 9:00....I think it's $8 at the door, but don't hold me to it.

I can tell you now that The Deadtowners put on one helluva show and you don't wanna miss it! They play some damn good ass shakin' rock n' roll! You never know, somebody might get nekkid and you'd hate to be the only one that didn't see it with your own two eyes.

Be there yo....everybody else will!
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Friday, January 23, 2009


Gossip is worthless. People are going to talk about you. So what? People are going to judge you not knowing what you've been through. So what? I don't know any old people who say "I'm glad I talked so much trash about people! That made my life better!" Pray for the trash-talkers to realize that all the time they spend talking about you, they could be working on making themselves happy. I do enjoy a good read of "National Enquirer", though. You know you do, too.

-Angela Nissel.....AKA Jessica's soul sista'

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Savannah Georgia Bash FEB 7th 2009

Dana, our bitch down in Savannah Georgia will be at this rad show. I'm pretty sure it's her husbands birthday bash. I am also pretty certain it is hosted by the Wingmen M.C.. See I can only say I am "pretty certain" because she sent me this crazy ass email that was all in alien or some shit. Like binary code, and I had to decipher it. I'm sure she can post a comment on this clarifying any info I missed.

What I can make out for certain is on Saturday, February 7th 2009, ROCKET 350 and THE DEFILER's are playing. No cover, 21+. Wingmen Clubhouse, 69 Ross Rd Savannah Ga. 31405.

If you go to this you better behave....or "Dana BWB" may just have to kick your ass. Dude, just look...that's a look of a killer!
Plus, Gary will be there and I heard he's god. That's what I read on myspace anyways so it must be true.
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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


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