Friday, February 27, 2009

Jailhouse Choppers Open House...Uh, When Can We Do It Again?

Jailhouse Choppers first open house was pretty flippin' sweet! A lot of people came out to show their support and to check out the new location.

Here's the new owner Pauly....
I of course took an ass ton of pictures. You can see them all at our myspace page.

Just a few of the bikes that were there.....
They did a kick ass job on the shop, it really does look great...... and by the looks of it, those boys got a decent amount of bikes to work on/build already.
Just as promised, Pauly fried up some chickens.....
and all be derned if I didn't walk around the back of the dumpster and find this....

So of course we had to have our picture taken in front of it.
By the end of the night we ended up at Willie Nelson's bar. Ok, so that isn't the name of it, but close enough. It was karaoke night. It was awesome. We all sang. I did a jam up job on Fist City. Yep....I ruined it, but it was still awesome. Pauly took the freakin' cake.....he sang a little When I Think About You I Touch Myself.....and he did......a lot. I got that shit on youtube.
We had one helluva day that ended in one helluva night. Hopefully they'll do it again some time soon!
I'm sure the future holds great things for Jailhouse Choppers. They really are a great bunch of guys and I know they'll do amazing things with the shop!
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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

HIT & RUN Show Kicked Major Ass

The Valentines day show was awesome! Even though I was sick as hell, I made it through the night. We met some awesome people and had an awesome time. HIT & RUN sounded better than ever! Here are some Photos and a Video from the show.

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Monday, February 16, 2009

WhaWHAT? Free or Discounted Tattoos!!!

Alan over at Sacred Heart Tattoo in Austell, Georgia is looking for people interested in having large custom tattoos done to show at the upcoming Atlanta Tattoo Convention. He's offering to do the work at a discounted rate or possibly free.
If you are in the Atlanta area and are interested contact Alan at 770-944-6411 or at his myspace page.
Alan does some really great work! Give him a call at the shop or drop him a line on his myspace page!
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Jailhouse Choppers Has Moved to Atlanta!

That’s right! Jailhouse Choppers has moved from Savannah to the big city! Ok, so not exactly the big city, but close enough. They’re now located in Snellville which is about 30 minutes northeast of Atlanta.

Jailhouse Choppers has always built some of the coolest bikes around, provided unparalleled sales, service and unbelievable customer service. They aren’t your typical bike shop and they seem to have it all….from cool apparel to custom parts that can’t be found anywhere else.

The guys at Jailhouse Choppers say…

“We have begun to see the shift in the world of custom motorcycles away from the high dollar, fat tired, big inch bikes to the raw and sanitary bikes that we build and love. Understanding that our style of motorcycle is not for everyone, Jailhouse Choppers will have many scratching their heads while others with the taste for pure and classic mechanical innovation will be eager to see what's next”.
Go check them out this weekend at their open house and swap meet!

When: Saturday, February 21, 2009

Where: Jailhouse Choppers
3685 Hewatt Court, Suite 1
Snellville, 30039
Jailhouse Choppers welcomes everyone to come check out the new digs. Free refreshments while they last. Tons of swap meet deals. We will be here from noon til everyone is ready to leave.

We'll be there, will you?
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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine's Day Havoc

The big V day is right around the corner. Did you make plans yet? If you are in the Dallas/Fort Worth area then come on out to Lola's Saloon in Fort Worth for a kick ass time!

This will be the first show back for the Dallas based band, HIT & RUN. They are coming back full force with two new members. Mark from Mitra and Pumpin' Ethyl is on Bass, and Reece from the Suicide Truckers is now on second guitar. This is one show you do not want to miss!

The line up:
  • Agnostic Front
  • The Mongoloids
  • HIT & RUN
  • The Broadsiders
  • Preachter
The place:
Lola's Saloon
2736 W 6th St
Fort Worth, TX

Saturday Feb 14th, Doors @ 8pm

$13 in advance , $15 at the door

This is an ALL AGES event

I know how I am spending my Valentine's day! Don't be a lame ass....come on out for a great time!
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Monday, February 9, 2009

$13 Tattoos at 13 Roses in East Atlanta....On Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th is upon us again! The most unluckiest of all days. Mwuahahahahah!!!!
HOWEVER, you can turn it around and make it your LUCKIEST day, because 13 Roses Tattoo Parlour in East Atlanta is having their $13 tattoo special! No, you didn't read wrong....THIRTEEN FREAKIN' DOLLARS (+ a $7 lucky tip). You gotta 20? You gotta tattoo!
The artists in the shop have drawn up 13 different designs to choose from and they all incorporate the number 13. Last year, a friend of mine got a little bat with the number 13 in it and it was pretty flippin' sweet! You wanna know what there is to chose from this year? You gotta get your sweet ass down there and see for yourself!
It's first come first serve. You get put on a list, your not able to choose the artist (ya git who ya git, but they're all pretty awesome!), you pick one of the 13 designs they have and bickety freakin' got yer tattoo!
Seriously you could totally make a day/night outta this! The doors will be open from 11 a.m. to midnight AND 13 Roses is located in East Atlanta surrounded by some of Atlanta's best bars (that many just so happen to open at 11, too)! So, get your ass down there and support the shop and bars!
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Friday, February 6, 2009

Speedealer Kicks Your Ass

Saturday February 7th, 2009 Speedealer is playing Dallas once again! We will be there in full force to see this awesome band play. Everyone needs to come out and support them tomorrow. I promise it will be a great show.

People want to hear awesome music, but yet no one wants to get out and go to the shows anymore. You have to support these bands so they can continue playing bad ass music for us. So, come on out and support your local music scene and have a great time! Don't be so freaking LAME.

If your there come up and say Hi to us...We are always looking for more awesome people to hang out with! the drama for your mama, cause I just ain't into that shit.

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Thursday, February 5, 2009


February 14th, 2009 we will be attending this show at Lola's Saloon in Fort Worth, Texas. This will be the first show back for HIT & RUN since June 2008. Agnostic Front, The Mongoloids and HIT & RUN. I'm pretty sure there is one more band, and I will update as soon as I find out for sure. What better way could you spend Valentines day????
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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Damn The Man...A Benefit Show for the Gravity Pub in East Atlanta

The Gravity Pub in East Atlanta needs your support! They've been there for you, now it's your turn to be there for them!

The Man is takin' their sweet ass time shufflin' around paperwork so the Gravity's doors have been closed for nearly a month now......So get of your asses and go show them some love to help them through these tough times.
The Graveyard Tavern is holdin' a benefit show this Thursday at 8 p.m. and it's $8 at the door. The Deadtowners, Death of Kings (formerly Das Manics), the Loose Screws and Bitch will be playing and Captain Stabtuggo will be there too to raffle stuff off!!

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Yeah, We Freakin' LOVE Patches

Our patch girl Liz pretty much kicks ass! We found her on etsy and she's been AMAZING.
She's been digitizing (designing bad ass embroidery) for nine years and works from her house. She uses Ecospun felt, which is made using recycled plastic know we all gotta do our part yo.

Shes does all these awesome Day of the Dead Skulls.....
and name patches.....which I'm afraid we have put her through hell with.....with all the different fonts, colors, styles, etc., but she took it all in stride and everything came out perfect! Here's a few of her styles....
This one would look all awesome in gooey green color.....
We had a few of these scroll ones done on a leopard print background....
She's done our rocker panels for us.....
our knuckle patches (this was her digitized photo)......
Anything we need, we'll keep going back. Her prices are amazing and her shipping is quick AND all her patches are all iron on!!!

You have an idea you want on a patch? Just contact her with it!
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