Friday, February 27, 2009

Jailhouse Choppers Open House...Uh, When Can We Do It Again?

Jailhouse Choppers first open house was pretty flippin' sweet! A lot of people came out to show their support and to check out the new location.

Here's the new owner Pauly....

I of course took an ass ton of pictures. You can see them all at our myspace page.

Just a few of the bikes that were there.....
They did a kick ass job on the shop, it really does look great...... and by the looks of it, those boys got a decent amount of bikes to work on/build already.
Just as promised, Pauly fried up some chickens.....
and all be derned if I didn't walk around the back of the dumpster and find this....

So of course we had to have our picture taken in front of it.
By the end of the night we ended up at Willie Nelson's bar. Ok, so that isn't the name of it, but close enough. It was karaoke night. It was awesome. We all sang. I did a jam up job on Fist City. Yep....I ruined it, but it was still awesome. Pauly took the freakin' cake.....he sang a little When I Think About You I Touch Myself.....and he did......a lot. I got that shit on youtube.
We had one helluva day that ended in one helluva night. Hopefully they'll do it again some time soon!
I'm sure the future holds great things for Jailhouse Choppers. They really are a great bunch of guys and I know they'll do amazing things with the shop!


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